Why Cord Blood Stem Cell?


Stem cells are found in bone marrow, peripheral blood and cord blood. These cells can differentiate into other types pf cells and form tissues of the body. However, cord blood stem cells have several advantages.

    1.  Cord blood is a valuable stem cell source that does not, today, present ethical problems.
    2.  Cord blood proportionally contains more stem cells.
    3.  Cord blood stem cells are younger and stronger.
    4.  Cord blood stem cells have superior proliferation and differentiation capacity.
    5.  When needed, cord blood is ready to use and quickly accessible.
    6.  For cord blood stem cell transplantation, partial tissue match may be sufficient rather than a full match HLA donor.
    7.  The immune system is less likely to react negatively resulting in tissue rejection in cord blood stem cell transplantation.
    8.  Cord blood stem cells, when cryopreserved and stored, stop aging.