Price and Payment

When you decide to bank your cord blood at atibank®, you need to contact us and order your “Cord Blood Collection Kit”. The price for cord blood processing, freezing and first year storage is 2.500,00TL (VAT included). After an initial down payment of 625,00TL, your “Cord Blood Collection Kit” will be sent your address.

After collection, cord blood should be delivered to atibank® as soon as possible and within 36 hours at the latest. The family is being informed by our personel when the quality control tests are confirmed after cord blood processing. After the payment is done by the family, the cord blood is frozen and stored at -1960C.

Cord Blood Processing, Freezing and Storage 2.500 TL
Cord Blood Collection Kit Fee 625 TL (%25)
Cord Blood Processing and Storage Fee 1.875 TL (%75)
Annual Storage Fee 190 TL

Bank Account Information

» Ankara Finansbank Ulus Branch Office

Branch Code: 00064
Account #: 21571250
IBAN: TR82 0011 1000 0000 0021 5712 50

» Ankara Is Bank Akay Branch Office

Branch Code: 4201
Account #: 1078238
IBAN: TR39 0006 4000 0014 2011 0782 38