How to Collect and Store Cord Blood?

Kordon Kanı

The umbilical cord is clamped and cut after the baby is born. Cord blood, in 5-10 minutes right after the delivery, is collected from umbilical cord and placenta by the obstetrician.

The collection process does not in any way affect the baby or the delivery. It is just a simple procedure without any surgery therefore causing no harm or pain to the mother or the baby.

Cord blood can be collected during both normal and cesarean delivery. 60-150ml of cord blood is directly transferred into a pediatric blood bag containing anticoagulant. Cord blood which is delivered to our laboratory is subjected to preliminary quality control tests.

Then, cord blood is processed in a closed system to obtain its stem cells and stem cells are frozen with a controlled rate cryogenic freezer and finally stored in liquid nitrogen tank at -1960C for future use.