Genetic tests gives information about the changes in the genes or chromosomes. The results of a Genetic test gives us information if the patient has the genetic disease or if carrier fortt he genetic diease .

There are 3 types Genetic tests on the human DNA
Molecular Genetic tests: Gene is analyzed as a whole or partialyl for point mutations , small deletions/ duplications

Cytogenetic Tests:Chromosomes are analysed for structural or numerical changes.

Molecular Cytogenetic Tests: These are cytogenetic tests that have increased sensitivity using DNA probes or chips. Theese tests have a higher resolution and identifies the abnormalities that cannot be detected by conventional methods.

There are addiyional RNA(cDNA) based tests as well.

1. To diagnose a disease
2. To detect carrier status because carriers are not affected however can transmit the disease to their chlildren
3. Prenatal detection of the disease in unborn fetüs
4. Presymptomatic detection of the disease.

If there is history of a genetic disease in the family, couples should get genetic counseling before marriage. This is more important if there is a consangineous marriage , Especially Autosomal recessive dieases are more common in inbres populations or consangineous marriages.

Yes we have the equipment and personel for almost all Genetic Tests.

Yes, we can analyse the diseases that are unique to your family.

If a mutation is detected before in one of the family members, the other family members can easily be screened for the same mutation.

Yes, with the appointment we can perform genetic exam . Please bring prior tests with you and contact Atigen for an appointment .